Complete solutions for pellet storage (bins, silos, troughs, bulk bags), automated pellet transport/conveyance (from storage to boiler via auger or vacuum tubes), and hardware connections for receiving pellets in bulk by truck.

Pellet Storage – Bins, silos, troughs, bulk bags


EcoHeat Solutions carries MAFA bins with capacity of 400-lb and 1,000-lb. Also, 300-lb capacity extensions for the 400-lb capacity bins  are available.  These bins are easy to assemble, and are engineered to look good and last.

Flexible Silos

Our Flexi-bulk silos have a capacity of 2.0 tons and 3.6 tons of pellets.  These silos are suitable for indoor installations.  They are filled pneumatically by a bulk pellet truck.  The principal advantage of this is the convenience of not having to fill a bin with bagged pellets.  These silos are suited for areas that are served with bulk pellet suppliers.

In most cases, government grants require the installation of bulk pellet storage of 3 tons or more.

Trough and incline bins

Trough and incline bins are bins with sloped sides leading to a horizontal trough.   Pellets are either removed with an auger, or outlets and a vacuum as shown in the picture.  The principal advantage of the trough or incline bin is that it can hold more pellets than a silo with the same floor area.  Therefore, it may not need as much ceiling height to get to the capacity required by an incentive program.

Flat Bottomed Bulk Bags

These bags are most attractive to those who wish to get pellets delivered in bulk, and who don’t mind manually transferring pellets to a bin.  For people who already have a bin, and who come to have the option of buying pellets in bulk (no 40-lb bags), then this can be a great way to go.  They are low cost and very easy to set up.

Capacity Dimensions
400-lb MAFA (bag fed, auger to burner) 26″ x 26″ x 48″ tall
1000-lb MAFA (bag fed, auger to burner) 39″ x 39″ x 56″ tall
3 ton Flat-bottom (bulk fed, manual transfer to bin) 72″ diameter x 93″ vertical
2.0 Ton Flexi-Bulk (bulk fed, auger or vacuum feed to boiler) 72″ x 72″ x 84″ tall
3.6 Ton Flexi-Bulk (bulk fed, augur or vacuum feed to boiler) 84″ x 84″ x 87″ tall (minimum)
Trough (bulk or bag fed, auger or vacuum feed to boiler) custom

Pellet Transport – Augers and vacuum systems


One of the most common ways to transport pellets from a bin or silo to a boiler is with an auger.  Augers are usually straight, but they can be set up with one, sometimes two 45° bends.  Augers are quiet and efficient, but their limitation is that they require pellet storage in close proximity.

Vacuum Systems

There are two main advantages of using a vacuum system.  These systems are very easy to set up, and they can transport pellets up, down, over and around obstacles, so the pellet storage does not need to be right next to the pellet boiler.

Flexible augers

Evoworld augers are flexible, making it possible to orient the storage unit and the boiler in ways that are offset from one another.