EcoHeat Solutions is your source for pellet boilers, pellet storage, pellet augers, vacuum transport, buffer/accumulator tanks, fill connections, and Termoventiler accessories. We bundle in services to help with planning and execution.


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The best value in manual clean, ASME boilers.

These are American-made pellet boilers paired with Swedish-made Swebo pellet burners.  EcoBoilers are suitable for most homes, usually in retrofits where they displace most or all fossil fuel consumption.  Learn more about EcoBoilers here.

Effecta Komplett III

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Made in Sweden

Effecta Komplett III boilers are full featured pellet boilers that are suitable in most applications where ASME is not required.   These Swedish-made boilers are sold in countries all over Europe and are now available here in North America.  Please see our Effecta page here.


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American made, ASME-certified

EcoHeat Solutions is providing planning, sales and support for Evoworld boilers in Massachusetts.  These boilers are ASME certified, which makes them suitable for installation as part of a pressurized heating system.  Pressurized systems are highly recommended for long life of the boiler and all  components of the heating system that are in contact with water. Please read more about Evoworld boilers here.

View our pellet storage and transport page here.

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